Avellan Wins ADCC Trials!

FFA Instructor Marcos Avellan wins the Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) North American Trials! The ADCC is the world championships of submission grappling and is the most prestigious submission tournament in the world. Countries from around the world send their best grapplers to represent in the world championships – which are held once every two years. In North America, there is a trials event to qualify. For the trials event, the ADCC selects eight American grapplers for each weight class to battle it out for the right to represent North America in the world championships in May 2005.

Marcos Avellan was selected for the 193.5 pound weight class. For the past few years, Marcos has competed at a much lighter weight… 155 pounds! But through rigorous training, weight lifting, and diet – Marcos was able to bring his body weight up to 198 pounds. Coming into the trials, his opponents were expecting to see a pudgy and out of shape Avellan – instead they saw a ripped, strong, and fit fighter!

Marcos tore through the tournament, winning three matches and shutting out his opponents – nobody scoring a single point on him!

To win the tournament, Marcos defeated Canadian grappling champion Nick Ring, multiple-time Grappler’s Quest Champion Rick McCauley, and multiple-time Grappler’s Quest Champion Justin Garcia. In the final match versus Garcia, Avellan had to grapple twenty minutes straight!

One martial arts reporter, Alan “Gumby” Marques from OnTheMat.com, described the final match this way:

“Determination and focus. Both Justin Garcia and Marcos Avellan brought EVERYTHING they had to the mat this day, knowing full well that the other was going to bring a war. And this was a war, full of tie up and exchanges and this really resembled a fast pace wrestling match for the entire 20 minute duration of the match. It was a takedown by Marcos however that would determine the outcome of this match and give him the victory this day in the most emotional match.”

He further added,

“Marcos Avellan, in moving more than twenty pounds for his regular fighting weight, …really was the inspirational story of this tournament. Aside from his obviously tremendous abilities he has shown that his greatest attribute is his heart.

With this honor, Marcos brought FFA to the international scene once again by being one of 16 men in the ADCC tournament. Marcos is very proud to have represented FFA and our country in the world championships! Teammates Rima Avellan and David Avellan, weren’t able to attend the trials but due to their amazing competition records, they were invited straight into the tournament without having to go through any trials or qualifiers – so BOTH Avellan brothers and Rima Avellan competed together at the world championships! FFA was one of the few teams in the WORLD to bring multiple people into the world championships!


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2004 ADCC North American Champion


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Marcos Avellan celebrating after his successful MMA debut

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