Free Back Trap System Seminar

Free Mixed Martial Arts Seminar For Miami, FL:
“Learn How To Control The Back Without Hooks Like UFC Champion Georges St. Pierre In A FREE 2 Hour Seminar With ADCC Bronze Medalist David Avellan!”

Saturday, August 27th From 1PM to 3PM

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Here’s what you can expect to learn in this seminar

  • Staying on Top and Pinning

    Often times when controlling the traditional back mount, you will end up on your back with your opponent on top. This is not ideal and in a real fight can be very dangerous. With the Back Trap System, you will learn how to have better control while remaining on top the whole time.

  • Submissions

    You have a lot more options besides the Rear Naked Choke from the Back Trap. Arm bars, rolling shoulder locks, and all sorts of chokes are available without threat of losing position.

  • Transitions

    The Back Trap is one of the easiest positions to get into. You will be surprised how overlooked this position is and how often you can get into it without forcing it. In fact, your opponent will do most of the work for you!

About Your Instructor

Master David Avellan

David Avellan is a BJJ Black Belt and ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships Bronze Medalist. He holds victories over Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legends such as Alexandre “Xande” Ribeiro, Rafael Lovato Jr., Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu, Tarsis Humphries, and Rener Gracie. He has also coached many top athletes such as Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis, Brandon “The Truth” Vera, Jeremy “Lil Heathen” Stephens, DJ Jackson, Keenan Cornelius, and Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal.

Master David Avellan
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