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Tips on How to Rehydrate Safely (Without an IV)

The MMA community has been shocked recently with the news regarding usage of IV fluids for rehydration. The UFC’s new anti-doping program, led by USADA, has announced that the use of IV fluids as a rapid rehydration technique will be banned starting October of this year. Numerous MMA fighters are starting to express their concerns…

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USADA IV Ban Policy: Effective Starting October

Extreme weight cutting, especially before weigh ins, is a common practice for MMA fighters. What most fans do not know is that these fighters cut huge amounts of weight in such a short period of time in order to qualify and fight in a certain weight class. In some amateur bouts, fighters are even expected…

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Two-Time Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez Suspended

Gilbert Melendez will not be able to compete until June 13, 2016 next year because of a failed post-fight drug test. According to the UFC, the two-time mixed martial arts lightweight title contender and former Strikeforce champion had tested positive for “exogenous origin of testosterone metabolites” following his UFC 188 fight with Eddie Alvarez in…

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