January 8

Bibiano Fernandes on new ONE Championship weigh-in policy: “I don’t like this so far.”


Bibiano Fernandes, who fights at the bantamweight division, has never encountered a defeat in the last 10 MMA bouts he faced. Now that ONE Championship is changing their policies with regards to weight cut, some MMA fighters, including Bibiano Fernandes, is having some concerns.

ONE Championship has released an official statement regarding the new weigh-in policies two weeks after Yang Jian Bing’s death, which was reportedly caused by weight cutting. The first bout that will be held under the new weigh-in policy will be Bibiano Fernandes vs Kevin Belingon, which will take place in China this coming January 23rd.

The promotion revealed the said bout just 19 days before the actual fight date, but in a recent interview, Fernandes revealed that he already knew about the fight before that. Fernandes was already preparing for the said fight for two months already, and even though he already had the chance to do his preparations, Fernandes stated that he is not really happy with the new weigh-in policy.

“To make weight for my fights, I usually lose 11 pounds until fight day. I’m not on a diet yet. I’m walking at 145 pounds right now. So, to me, I don’t accept that. I don’t think it’s cool. They don’t want you to dehydrate, they want you to stay like I am now until fight day. I told them I understand the idea, but how am I going to stay… I’m on weight, but how about the other guy? They are doing a new experience with me to see how it will work, and then make it with everyone else, so I don’t like that. I’m the bantamweight champion, and that’s how I make weight and prepare to be the champion,” Fernandes said when the upcoming fight was officially announced.

Even though this unexpected change might greatly affect the results of the said MMA fight, Fernandes is hopeful that he will be able to maintain his focus and win the bout.

“I asked them ‘why won’t you try this on (Shinya) Aoki?’ Let me fight they way I always fought. But I won’t let this negativity be around because it has affected me a bit already. It has affected me. I’m the champion the way I always prepared. I know how I have to lose (weight). I fight like this for five years. I have to accept this, but I don’t like it because I always made weight.,” Fernandes said.

Bibiano FernandesFernandes, who is currently holding a record of 6-0 under the said promotion company, revealed that he still has to cut 10 pounds for his upcoming bout. And although the promotion is indeed checking his weight regularly, he is not sure if the ONE is doing the same with Belingon.

“I don’t like this so far. How is it going to work? They said they don’t want dehydration anymore, and I have to weigh-in again when I land in China, and then again and again until two hours before the fight. F–k, how many times do I have to weigh-in?,” he said.

With this, Fernandes is definite that he will not move to another weight division because of the new MMA weigh in policy.

“I’m one of the best bantamweights in the world. I might not be the best, but I’m one of the best. But if you ask me if I’m one of the best featherweights, I don’t know. It’s hard. But I have to see the big picture here. I won’t complain, and I can’t complain. I’ll see how it goes on fight day. I’m confident, but it has affected the way I prepare. It has changed my process. We’ll see how it goes there. I’m walking into the unknown,” Fernandes added.


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