October 5

MMA champion Conor McGregor: ‘I’m still the highest-paid here.’


Conor McGregor is no doubt one of the most badass talker in the UFC lineup. And right now, he claims to be the biggest MMA star, and the highest paid in the UFC. If he is not, he will almost be one as soon as he gets what he wants; and that is a $100-million-plus worth of agreement.

Of course, all of these claims will remain a mystery, as neither his nor those of his contenders’ contracts will be released to the public.

Some of the higher executives in the promotion like Dana White and Lorenzo Fertita doesn’t think he is the biggest star though. Like most fans, these executives think that Ronda Rousey is the biggest star of the promotion right now. In fact, Rousey is the one that the UFC chose to run to in order to draw a record-breaking attendance this coming UFC 193 which will be held in Melbourne, Australia.

But of course, if there’s anyone who can talk his way to the top, it’s definitely McGregor. And he proved that he can do exactly just that when he had an intense interview in The MMA Hour. He discussed rather intensely how much he is worth to the company and how high his contract should be.

“I’m waiting on my next multi, nine-figure contract, which is en route. I just let everyone up there know, I let the bosses know and everybody there know what I bring and my worth. Even fights that have linked to my name are main event status. There is no other fighter in the game that has that,” he said during the interview.

conor“When fighters lose to a fighter, they are not a draw. But, when they lose to me they are draws. They can go to different regions and headline and make seven-figure revenues on the gate. That’s what I’m doing, they’re offspring numbers and nobody else would know about or really pay attention to. I pay attention to it and my name brings the numbers. If you have an association with my name, whatever the result, you will be main event slots after that because that’s what my name brings. I should be compensated for these cards, as well.

“I’m still here the highest-paid. Let’s compare contracts. Because the contract that I’m talking now is nine figures, nine figures I’m talking. Nobody in the game has talked nine figures. That’s $100 million plus. That’s my contract, so, that’s where I’m at and I’ve done it the way I’ve done it,” he continued.

“When you’re bringing in $60 million revenue on an MMA fight where the main event guy has pulled out two weeks before, you think anyone else can do that? This next one, we are estimating a gate of $10 million for the gate alone. This is going to bring in $90 to $100 million this card here. So you’re damn right I’ll get it.

“I came at them with fact, numbers and I didn’t go round about. I looked them dead in the eye with straight facts. When someone comes at you with clear facts, there’s only one thing you can do and that’s respect it. You got to respect good business, if you don’t respect good business, then that’s on you. I am very confident we will come to a deal and it will be in the nine-figure mark, and rightfully so.”


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