October 21

Cris Cyborg Beats Duin in Seconds; Tells Rousey to Stop Running


Women’s MMA fighter Cris “Cyborg” is just unstoppable.

Last July 9 at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada, Cyborg effortlessly snagged her Invicta FC featherweight champion title for the second consecutive time in less than a minute. She was able to win by technical knockout against Faith Van Duin in the 45th second of the first round.

Faith Van Duin was sent to the canvas by a swift knee to body move from Cyborg, which kept her down and was eventually finished off with Cyborg’s strikes while she was on the mat. Duin was started early on with a connecting right hand, followed by a forward movement which forced her to back up against the cage and receiving a jab from Cyborg’s knee. Referee Steve Mazzagatti had to intercept and call off the beating because Duin was obviously disabled and wouldn’t be able to come back up to fight off Cyborg’s moves.

CyborgSince Cyborg started competing in mixed martial arts last 2005, the featherweight champion has not lost any fight in any mixed martial arts competition. On top of this, she has amazingly managed to stop three of her opponents in Invicta during the first round. Before this epic 45-second fight, Cyborg has already defended her title to a 46-second bout last February with Charmaine Tweet. With her continuous streak of victory, the speculations about the much-awaited bout between her and bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has resurfaced again.

After the fight with Duin, Cyborg told Laura Sanko something that can somehow stir things about between Rousey and their highly-anticipated epic battle. She said, “I love fighting. I love punching face. Let’s go train hard. I make 135-140 and fight Ronda Rousey. Stop running.”

Cyborg also mentioned that she wanted to fight this coming September in the Invicta FC 14 which will be held on the 12th in Kansas City. However, when asked if she would finally agree to go up against Rousey at 135 pounds, she told Sanko, “I don’t know.”.
In order to make the MMA battle happen, Cyborg will either go down to the 135-pound division or Rousey will go up to 145 pounds. Both of the champions are firmly standing their ground. What is surprising though, is that Cyborg considered dropping to 135 pounds so the battle between her and Rousey will finally take place, but she changed her mind. Cyborg recently said, “If she wants to make this fight happen, she would make 145 and face me. She used to be a featherweight but ran to bantamweight. She used to talk about me all the time, but now she stopped since I went back to fighting.”

If they both consider to go forward with the fight, it might take a while before the epic battle takes place because of a couple of reasons. Rousey is lined up to fight Beth Correia at UFC 190 this coming August 1. Aside from this, there is a high possibility that Rousey will not let go of her UFC belt be at 145 and meet Cyborg. Aside from this, Dana White as mentioned that in order for Cyborg to face Rousey, Cyborg has to drop to 135 and try to fight at least one bout before fighting Rousey.


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