October 28

Dennis Olson Focused on Defeating Paul Daley


Dennis Olson was not always at the top of the MMA industry. While he had record of 11-3 and was brought back to Bellator the second time around, his career did not go so well. He had to come to a point where he needed to take a closer look at his career and what was the exact problem. He even lost five out of seven competitions.

Those defeats are now behind him. A few years later, Olson is finally back on his feet and ready to fight. In a recent interview, he admitted how mentally young he was and how he was not as skilled back then as how he is right now. He also admitted that he was fighting for all the wrong reasons. He said, “I was doing this for different reasons, and back then, I didn’t know exactly why I was [fighting]. My fight against [Dan] Cramer, I took on four days’ notice, and my fight with [David] Branch, he was fighting on a whole different level and I was fighting up a weight class. Not taking away from either of those guys’ wins, but I was stepping up to the big show and I was out of my weight class.”.

dennis olsonHe further shared that because of this past obstacles, he has now an advantage over the new fighters. He further explained that since he knew what it felt to win, to lose, and especially to fight back and not let the losses get the best of him, he has a different drive to push himself and win the fight. “I’ve won, I’ve lost, but I have a winning record and some of those losses were fights that, looking back, I probably shouldn’t have taken. But, if I didn’t take those fights, I wouldn’t have gained the experience and I wouldn’t have learned. I think that is the main difference between then and now is my experience,” he further added.

It was a really great news when Olson decided he wanted to fight in mixed martial arts again. When he came back, all ready to beat his competitors, he was able to successfully win over Jarod Lawton. This win was his key to getting invited back to Bellator. Today, he is going against a fighter who is at the top of his game. Some people say that Olson winning against Daley might be the most difficult fight that he will have in his career. However, he believes that it will not likely be the case.

Olson claimed that Daley may have had heavy hands and can be a real dangerous fighter, he does not think the Daly is the best and toughest player that he will go up against. “He’s taken on a lot of great competition but as far as his overall skills, I think I’ve seen tougher competition, more versatile competition than him,” he further added.

Scoring a knockout over the dangerous KO machine is one thing that seemingly only dreams are made of. Handing Daley a straightforward defeat is something more within Olson’s grasp, especially by submission. Olson knows he is expected to lose tonight, but he doesn’t care what the so-called experts think. He says he is in the best shape of his life and is more than ready to shock the world

Olson knows that people expect him to lose to Daley, but that cannot stop him from showing the MMA skills and blows that he have mastered so closely. Olson said that he is confident that he is in the best shape of his life right, and he is ready to show the world what he’s got.


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