October 12

Duffy on McGregor: ‘Conor can say what he wants, I can take him out just as quickly’


Seeing Conor McGregor throw shots at his opponents is definitely something to get used to. Some mixed martial arts fighters just let it pass, but not Joseph Duffy.

Duffy shot back at McGregor and responded to all the insults and taunts that the interim bantamweight champ said to him.

Joseph Duffy is scheduled to go against Dustin Poirier this coming UFC event in Dublin, Ireland. ‘Irish’ was able to snag two wins in the UFC, which made him eligible to be the headliner for the said event. Duffy also had the chance to win over Conor McGregor by submission back in 2010. However, this win also came with him being regularly linked to McGregor.

McGregor, on the other hand, called Duffy a lot of names and kept on throwing insults at him. Among the names that McGregor threw Duffy were “journeyman’. He even called Duffy a ‘Canadian Joe’ for training at Tristar and leaving Ireland.

Typically, Duffy, who is actually soft spoken, would just let the insults pass because he thinks making an effort to counter them would just be a waste of time. But things changed when he was asked about McGregor’s usual verbal spat during a recent interview at the MMA Hour.

Joseph Duffy“Nothing Conor says can get under my skin. If it was somebody who I cared about, like my family, saying this, yeah maybe. But Conor’s opinion doesn’t matter to me. He can say what he wants, and it doesn’t change the way I would fight him. It doesn’t change the fact that I think I would still beat him. None of that stuff changes. None of that will ever get under my skin,” Duffy said.

If in case they would have a rematch, Duffy is confident that the fight would probably look like how it went the first time around, with the fight lasting only under a minute.

“I believe I can take Conor out just as quickly. Everyone notices Conor has greatly improved, but so am I. Everything Conor does, I feel I can beat him at. He uses more kicks, I’ve been doing taekwondo since I was five. There’s not an area I feel he can beat me,” Duffy added.

When Duffy was asked if he will be calling out McGregor in case he wins this coming October 24th, Duffy simply said:

“We’ll just have to see what happens. We’ll see how things go and how I feel, and we’ll go from there. I’ll guess I’ll leave people in suspense for that.”


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