September 9

Holly Holm Says “Cyborg” is Determined To Reach the 135-Pound Weight Goal


Just recently, female mixed martial arts champ Holly Holm met Cyborg Justino in a movie set where they shot some scenes in the upcoming movie, “Fight Valley”. It may be expected that both fighters will be awkward with each other because of their common denominator, Ronda Rousey. Cyborg is the most anticipated contender for Rousey; as for Holly, she will be going up against Rousey before the year ends. Fortunately, Holly revealed that they weren’t awkward at all.

Holm also revealed that Cyborg noticed both of them nearly have the same height when she and Cyborg took a picture together.

“She goes, ‘Hey, you’re my height. How tall are you? I said, ‘I’m 5’8.’ She goes, ‘I’m 5’8. There’s hope. I’m gonna get there.’ That was pretty much it,” Holly said.

What Cyborg was referring to in this conversation was the target weight that she is supposed to reach before she can go up against Ronda Rousey. In order for the UFC to allow her to fight Rousey and get a chance for the title, she has to meet the weight requirement, which is 135 pounds. Cyborg, who is around 170 pounds as of the moment, is currently with the Invicta FC and she is the featherweight champion in the said company.

holmWith this rather large discrepancy between Cyborg’s weight and the target weight, the Invicta FC champion is hoping the UFC will allow her and Rousey to just meet at a catchweight. If this happens, their fight would be one of the biggest in the UFC ever.

Holly revealed that she saw how much Cyborg wanted this fight to happen.

“I can tell she wants it real bad. She does,” Holly said.

If Holly will manage to emerge victorious in her fight with Rousey, Cyborg’s efforts to reach the target weight will be in vain and go against Rousey for the title will all be in vain. Holm is scheduled to fight Rousey this coming November 15th at the UFC 193 event held in Melbourne, Australia. The fight will take place at the Etihad Stadium and this match is targeting a record-breaking crowd of more than 70,000 fans.

Holm, who has a record of 9-0, admitted that if she will win the upcoming fight against Rousey, she is not closing the door on the possibility of going up in weight to meet other fighters like Cyborg, who is at 140-pound MMA weight class. Holm isn’t new to going up against fighters who are heavier. She is actually a former three-division champion in boxing, and has fought in matches where fighters are around 152 pounds.

“I’m not against going higher in weight. Right now, it’s not something I’m really focused on obviously, because I’m just thinking about the fight ahead. But I never put anything as no options. Anything is something that can be put together,” Holm said.

With Holm getting the chance to fight Ronda before other more female MMA veteran fighters like Tate, a lot of spectators said that with her fight record, she haven’t even earned her spot yet. UFC President Dana White announced previously that Miesha Tate will be going up against Rousey this year, but the promotion company chose Holly Holm instead. Ironically, Holm also shot some scenes with Tate in the “Fight Valley” movie.

“I actually really enjoyed getting to know them. Don’t get me wrong. If I was to fight them in the future, which is totally possible, I would still want to hit them just as hard as I want to hit anybody before I met them. Same for them. We’re all professionals. We’re all just chasing the dream. There’s no reason to be hateful,” Holly said.


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