December 4

Invicta boss says Cris Cyborg will be fighting at the 145-pound division


Cyborg Justino won’t need to hit the 135-pound weight target. Not now at least.

Shannon Knapp, the president of Invicta, has revealed during a recent interview with Inside MMA that Cyborg will not be fighting at bantamweight, and even at 140-pound catchweight, as previously planned. Cyborg was supposed to move to the UFC when she planned to beat the former bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

But since Holly Holm won over Rousey last UFC 193, Cyborg’s move has been delayed for now. The promotion was trying to come up with an epic fight between Cyborg and then undisputed champ if Cyborg will be able to reach the 135-pound catchweight for the MMA women’s bantamweight division.

Cyborg“Especially today with the announcement that Holly and Ronda will have a rematch — that will be the next fight for both — I think it does take kind of it off the table for her, kind of shelves it a bit. But I still think there’s a desire there at some point. And it’s still a fight I’d like to see, whether it’s Ronda or Holly or whoever it is,” Knapp said.

Knapp further added that Cyborg, who is currently the Invicta featherweight champion, decided not to compete in the 140-pound division because USADA has an IV ban. But since Cyborg is under Zuffa, she has no choice but to follow the anti-doping policy of the UFC.

“This will be the first time she has competed without hydrating herself with an IV. She’s made the decision to go ahead and defend her belt,” Knapp added.

Cyborg is scheduled to go against Cindy Dandois this coming January 16th at Invicta FC 15 in Costa Mesa, California. However, it is still unsure if she will indeed fight Dandois since the bout is being contested at 145-pound catchweight. Dandois is competing in the featherweight division in Invicta.

Knapp admitted that she is not sure what would happen to Cyborg, who is known for being the most dominant woman MMA fighter in the entire industry for the last seven years, and her career with this upcoming fight.

“Just to reiterate, Cris is a UFC athlete. So, the discussions about what she does in the future goes on between them,” Knapp added.


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