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MMA champ Ronda Rousey wants to fight Cris “Cyborg” Justino


MMA bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has a lot to say about Cris “Cyborg”Justino again.

In a recent interview on the The Joe Rogan Experience, the UFC women’s bantamweight champ explained how much she wanted to fight Cyborg and how this bout would make her feel complete and accomplished. Cyborg, who is an Invicta FC featherweight champion, is also under the UFC. For the bout to happen, the Brazilian MMA fighter is expected to cut down her weight and meet Rousey at the 135-pound division.

At 28, the bantamweight champion says she needs to fight Cyborg for her peace of mind.

MMA Rousey vs Cyborg“It just seems unfinished – my career, there’s more left to do. I don’t feel like I’m done yet. With the Olympics it just like, you win an Olympic gold medal and you’re done. With the UFC, when am I really done? I’m not. It feels unfinished still. (The ‘Cyborg’ fight) definitely would (help),” she said.

She further added that she doesn’t want to continue doing these MMA fights by her 30’s.

“I’m not going to be doing this in my 30s; I don’t want to be fighting in my 3. By 30s, I mean like 31, 32. If you’re actually 30 years old that’s 30, not 30s. Once you add the one, that’s 30s, plural. I’m 28. I don’t know. I look at it exactly like how we were talking about fighting, that’s how I do everything else. I don’t look at these separate disjointed things. I’m not going to go in there and try this thing and try this thing and try that thing and hope something works out,” she added.

For Rousey, MMA fighters who use steroids somehow get an advantage that they didn’t earn. She said that the reason why these fighters resort to using steroids is because they think that the best they have isn’t good enough to beat the other fights. As for Cyborg, the bantamweight champ thinks that Cyborg is trying to somehow make the fight work in her favor.

“The thing is, someone who uses steroids and those kind of things, they need that to mentally think they have an advantage they didn’t earn. It’s a crutch for her. She needs to feel like she somehow has an advantage from the outside. She doesn’t think she’s good enough with what she has. That’s why you dope in the first place because you feel like the best you have isn’t good enough. She feels like if we fight fair, what she has isn’t good enough. That’s why she wants it to be somehow stacked in her favor.

Rousey also said that Cyborg can actually make the MMA weight, as long as she stays away from the steroids.

“If you can make weight and be on steroids, even if it’s making weight or a relatedly making weight-friendly steroid, you’re still, without it you’re capable of moving down. You see what happens to people without it when they get off of steroids? You see what they look like. It’s very easy for them to drop down. They immediately shrink up. It changes everything. It’s all an insecurity thing.”

“When you look at these people from before they were using and after, they look entirely different. ‘Cyborg’ looks in ways exactly the same. If she gets off it will be very easy for her to make weight (because of) what we’ve seen from every other person that’s got off it. I think that – I can’t say with proof or anything, but if you look the exact same as you did when you were using, then what changed? If she never steps up, I’ll know (why). I’ll probably go a little longer waiting for her, but you know, if she showed up sooner rather than later, I don’t know how much longer I would go after that,” she further added.

Cyborg is still yet to reach the 135-pound weight limit. For now, Rousey is scheduled to go up against Holly Holm this coming November.


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