September 28

Ryan Hall Says If He Gets Mount or the Back, His Contenders are in Trouble


TUF 22 mixed martial arts lightweight fighter Ryan Hall has managed to get his fellow contenders on the spotlight in the show’s second episode when he managed to get his 2nd submission victory by using heel hook.

Ryan Hall, who is one of Urijah Faber’s team members, revealed during a recent interview with MMAjunke Radio that this just a preview of what’s coming up in the next episodes.

“I’ve been around the jiu-jitsu game for a very very long time, and the sort of things that you have do to be successful at each level of the sport are a little bit different. Early on, I was pretty awful at everything, and it took a long time for the entire thing to come together in jiu-jitsu, much less MMA. But the submission aspect of the game is just scratching the surface. It’s just like striking at a high level. At a low level, striking is a knockout sport, because everybody can hit everybody. At a high level, striking is a positioning and ring craft game, because guys are too good to put your hands on them. From the grappling side of things, at a high level, jiu-jitsu is a positioning sport. You can’t just snatch people up because they’re doing the right things; they have their limbs in the right position. When it comes to the grappling side of things, I’m able to get to the leglock side of things a fair bit, but I feel much more dangerous elsewhere, and if I get the mount or the back against these guys, I think they’re going to be feeling something they’ve never quite experienced in that way before,” he said.

Ryan HallRyan Hall, who has a record of 4-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC, managed to force Frantz Slioa to submit in the first frame of their quarterfinal meeting.

Simply put, Ryan Hall meant that circling away to prevent him from tapping the remaining contenders isn’t going to work. Slioa’s coach, Conor McGregor, cautioned his fighter to stay away from Ryan Hall hoping to avoid the kind of tie-up that resulted to a grappling event. Ryan Hall, on the other hand, just forced the situation with a dive into leglock position that helped him in his strategy to defeat his contender.

“Obviously, Conor’s a fantastic martial artist and has got a ton of experience. He’s definitely a little less seasoned as a grappler. That being said, he has the right idea with prevention. I’d rather have you tell me a magical way to not get shot rather than say, ‘Ryan, I’m going to shoot you in the arm, but don’t worry, we have a great, great doctor.’ Prevention is key in a lot of these things. But the tough part about it, though, is that it’s not the first time somebody has tried to stop me from leglocking them. I’m nowhere near perfect, and I can slip up like anyone else, but the idea there’s just a simple, let me just do blank and this person that’s been practicing something for over a decade won’t be able to adjust is a little naive. But that’s like I think I have the magic for beating Conor McGregor; When he tries to hit me, I’ll just move my head,” Hall said.

If these early appearances would indicate anything, it will put Hall as the MMA fighter to watch out for.


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