October 16

Sage Northcutt Says She Respects Ronda Rousey, But Admits He’d Carry Himself Differently


Sage Northcutt is one of the newbies in the UFC who’s getting a lot of buzz that is given to mixed martial arts champs and headliners only. However, he admits that he thinks of himself first and foremost as a fighter who likes to put on a show.

But on his show, the exciting part happens inside the octagon, not really outside of it.

Northcutt, who has a record of 6-0 MMA and 1-0 UFC, admitted that his martial-arts spirit reflects those of his idols like current middleweight champ Chris Weidman to retired welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre.

“How (Weidman) carries himself, he’s just awesome,” Northcutt said during a recent interview in MMAjunkie Radio.

Of course, there are also other fighters who the up-and-coming UFC star looks up to with admiration.

“Besides Chris, I guess for the girls, everything Ronda Rousey’s done is amazing,” Northcutt said.

Actually, it’s not so surprising that Rousey once again made it into the conversation. Maybe it’s because like Northcutt, Rousey is practically everywhere. The UFC women’s bantamweight champ not only shines and dominates her division, but she has also managed to always make it to the headlines. Every move that she makes is well documented- from her fights, to her personal life.

Sage NorthcuttRousey, obviously, worked hard to get to where she is right now. Over the past two years, Rousey has managed to be spectacular inside the octagon. When it comes to dealing with controversies outside the cage, Rousey isn’t afraid to face them with such intensity and courage. Aside from this, “Rowdy” isn’t afraid to be the provocateur one. This is where Northcutt said he and Rousey differ.

While the up-and-coming MMA star didn’t specifically point out anything about Ronda, he clarified that they somehow have a different PR strategy.

“I know the way she carries herself is slightly different than the way I would carry myself, but she’s incredible in everything she’s accomplished. It’s amazing for a girl, and she’s done some awesome things,” he said.

Northcutt’s story in the UFC is just starting to unravel, of course. He made it to the headlines as a very young, good-looking 19-year old who was blessed to be given a huge opportunity by the UFC. With these, the possibilities are simply endless.

As always, reality will always prevail inside the cage. Luckily, Northcutt’s fate inside octagon is looking good just like how it was promoted. Northcutt went against Francisco Trevino for his UFC debut and he came out victorious. However, opposition guaranteed that it will indeed get tougher as he prepares for his next fight.

For now, Northcutt’s task is to keep up with what the UFC is throwing at him. Whether he will succeed or not is still yet to be witnessed.


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