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MMA legend Ken Shamrock ‘kneed in the nuts’ during fight

It looks like MMA veteran Ken Shamrock isn’t ready to accept his defeat against Royce Gracie yet. During a recent post-fight press conference, Shamrock claims that his loss against Gracie due to a foul. “I got kneed in the nuts….I don’t know what else to say,” The MMA veteran said. The referee waived off the…

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Ken Shamrock shares his experience as an ‘old’ MMA fighter

If all goes well, it looks like MMA legend Ken Shamrock has hit a gold mine for Bellator. In a recent interview, Shamrock explains his vision of getting older MMA fighters fight against each other as opposed to constantly watching new blood inside the cage. The plan is quite risky, seeing that older fighters have…

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MMA veteran Ken Shamrock says Royce Gracie is only fighting him because he looks ‘bad’ against Kimbo Slice

Ken Shamrock has been eyeing for a fight with MMA veteran Royce Gracie for more than 20 years now. Gracie was able to win at UFC 1 back in 1993, and again at UFC 5 two years later. His second fight was an amazing 30-minute draw. Shamrock has always wanted to get his reputation back.…

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