February 29

MMA legend Ken Shamrock ‘kneed in the nuts’ during fight


It looks like MMA veteran Ken Shamrock isn’t ready to accept his defeat against Royce Gracie yet.

During a recent post-fight press conference, Shamrock claims that his loss against Gracie due to a foul.

“I got kneed in the nuts….I don’t know what else to say,” The MMA veteran said.

MMA Ken ShamrockThe referee waived off the bout in Round 1, to which Shamrock immediately protested. Shamrock was screaming loudly inside the cage, and even pointed his finger and shouted at Gracie and his corner. Of course, he eventually settled down, but he still claims that the result of the bout was caused by the illegal strike. With this event, Shamrock believes that he should be given enough time to recover, instead of being given a loss straightout.

“I apologized to Royce and his corner because it wasn’t his fault. He was doing what he had to do. But I wanted this fight. It bothered me a lot, because I figured that in a main event fight with something like this, you have all those fans there, they’re waiting to see us end this our way, and all he had to do was stop and give me a chance to recover, tuck my nuts back in and go again. That’s all that had to happen. Instead they call the fight? I mean, it was pretty clear to me,” Shamrock vented out.

In the end, Shamrock says that this only means that he will definitely see Gracie inside the cage again. He has lost to Gracie twice and wanted a draw in a third MMA fight, but he believes that he deserves another chance after this controversial decision at Bellator 149.

“In my opinion, it’s not over. I wouldn’t want to win that way. If it was me, personally, if I had hit somebody in the nuts and they went down – I knew that I hit them in the nuts – I would probably put my hands up and go, ‘Sorry’ out of reaction, out of a reaction, out of courtesy. Out of a reaction, I would’ve went, ‘Whoa. Sorry, dude.’ and given him time to get his five minutes to recover. That’s what I would’ve done,” Shamrock added.

Gracie, on the other hand, says that a fourth fight against Shamrock will be completely up to Scott Coker, the president of Bellator MMA.

“My father did not make fighters. He taught us how to teach, not how to fight. We fight to prove that our style is the best. It’s up to Scott Coker. I thought I was out, and he pulled me back in,” Gracie added.


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