September 16

What’s next, Demetrious Johnson?


Apparently, John Dodson was not successful in defeating Demetrious Johnson

So, what if the US Olympic gold medalist Henry Cejudo will face Johnson?

As mixed martial arts champ Johnson (23-2-1) defends his titled for the seventh consecutive time, he needs a challenger. He faces Dodson and Joseph Benavidez twice and twice he was on top of the game and came out victorious. In both of the fights, Johnson came out stronger in the both of the second battles as compared to the first ones.

The obvious challenger that might be a match for the title holder is Cejudo (9-0). This is what the challenger told ESPN.com

“You know, I think I am the only one who gives him a tough fight. There are other tough fighters, but I’m his biggest threat and he knows that. Prior to the Dodson fight, he kept talking about me. He’s already thinking about me.”

As Cejudo witnessed UFC 191, the amateur wrestler was impressed with Johson’d performance. As for Dodson’s performance, the 28-year-old was actually frustrated.

johnson“I have to credit Demetrious Johnson. He’s what you call a mixed martial artist. I think Dodson just tried to strengthen what he’s already strong at, and that wasn’t enough. I’m not sure he worked on all areas. He didn’t do what was necessary to win the fight. It’s sad, man. You get a chance to fight for a world title and you don’t do anything. Demetrious came out of a five-round fight and wasn’t even scratched.”

Henry Cejudo’s initial UFC MMA debut was in August of 2014 in the bantamweight division though he has a bit of a history of missing weight.

“It’s not so much the experience of fighting I’m looking for. For me, it’s about feeling good making the weight. I’ve been feeling good at 125 pounds, but I know my body very well and I felt like I need one more to get my feet wet and be ready for a championship fight. I wanted to headline my next fight and that’s the UFC’s fault. They have to give flyweights a little more attention in order for us to be hyped-up more. Rather than people saying our weight class is boring.”

He also believes that Demetrious Johnson is a very worthy MMA champion.

“I don’t think he has the power to be No. 1. I think he’s probably No. 3. I have  Jon Jones  and Jose Aldo  ahead of him. You have to study a guy like that and I think that’s something I do very well. I study them so much I start to kind of resemble them. Stephen Abas was an Olympic silver medalist and I knew I would have to beat him to make the Olympic team [in 2008]. I studied the guy so much, I was actually hitting him with his own moves. I know what [Johnson] brings to the table, and I’m here to be the best in the world. Anything less than that is a failure. Eventually, I want to be the best combat sports athlete of all time. There aren’t many people who have won an Olympic gold medal and a UFC championship.”


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