February 26

Billy Corben on MMA fighters Dada 5000 and Kimbo Slice

Billy Corben, who is the director of Cocain Cowboys and The U, revealed the has been following the bout between Dada 5000 and MMA veteran Kimbo Slice for almost a decade.

“The beef is real. Honestly, and I’m not saying this to boast about it, God knows, but I think Dawg Fight exacerbated it. I think Dawg Fight picked at a scab until it bled right here at Bellator 149. Unquestionably. I’ve seen Dada 5000 the carnival barker. I’ve seen Dada 5000 the promoter. Dada 5000 the Don King of the backyard. Dada 5000 the P.T. Barnum. Yesterday I got chills watching them just kind of own the press conference. But then you get worried. I guess we’re in Texas so I should make a Jeb Bush reference, what Jeb Bush said to Donald Trump — you can’t insult your way to the presidency. You can’t talk your way into a knockout. You can’t talk your way into a defeat in the ring. So I just hope he is preparing as hard as he is talking, and as much as he is talking,” Corben said.

MMA dada 5000 kimbo sliceCorben released a documentary on Netflix entitled Dawg Fight that showed how Dada 5000 lived before he joined MMA.

The documentary also showed the real score on the Miami backyard brawling scene. Aside from this, the film also followed other top fighters like Mike Tyson and Don King.

Corben’s project was actually really tragic; a lot of characters were killed by the neighborhood violence during the filming of the show. However, it was Dada 5000’s words against Kimbo Slice, who was a former friend of the MMA veteran, were the ones that Bellator officials noticed. Half a decade after the statements were said and done, Dada 5000 is now slated to face Kimbo Slice for his Bellator debut. This bout is actually tagged as one of the most anticipated shows in the MMA promotion’s history.

“I knew that it was coming, I just knew that I had to continue to work at it,” Harris said. “I kept knocking these projects out of the ballpark. Word of mouth travels faster than mail. ESPN tells NBC. CNN tells National Geographic. National Geographic tells Vice Media. And before you know it, it’s out there. So right now I’m just focused on getting ahold of this guy. I’m going into deep thought, meditation, on how I’m winning. Because he’s going to come. Ding, ding, he’s coming straight at me. He’s predictable, but that’s vintage Kimbo,” Corben said

“He’s not that developed. Truth, he’s been inside the game for 10 years. He stated that, right? But the majority of the legitimate, diehard, eat, sleep, breathe MMA (fans), no one respects his ground game. Right? You don’t have no (jiu-jitsu) belt. The only belt you have is the belt that you use to hold up your pants. Not impressed. So me and him, literally, are in the same boat,” he added.

Dada 5000 may not be in the MMA industry that long, where he fought only twice professionally, but he has the backstory that everyone is looking for.


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