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Family of Conor McGregor Shocked During UFC 189


This is actually the family of mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor during UFC 189. The fighter’s father described the emotional agitation that their family experienced during that main event in the said battle.

Tony McGregor, the fighter’s father, never doubted his son’s abilities. After seeing how his boy struggled when the fighter was up against Chad Mendes in UFC 189’s main event.
Conor McGregor totally took the fight by scoring a TKO in the second round. Though he took this fight, the brash Irishman experienced, for the first time, difficulty inside the Octagon last July 11. Chael Mendes gave McGregor strikes from his feet and have caused his opponent to bleed with elbows on the ground.

McGregor’s entire family was horrified when they saw their loved one take that hit.

As per Tony, seeing his son raise the gold belt after winning the fight, was indeed an awesome feeling. At first, it was a big shock to their family, even for the Irish fans, but everything turned out well after Conor won the MMA fight.

McGregorAnother McGregor spoke about what the Irish fans felt, when their champion took a hit like that from another fighter. This was from the eldest McGregor, the fans were stunned to see their hometown here be busted like that.
According to him, “I went into shock when I saw him getting tossed around by Chad. We didn’t expect that at all. I was speaking to the fans after and they told me they’d cried during that.”

“Nobody was expecting it whatsoever.”

Everything was too much for Connor’s mother, Margaret. Mrs McGregor rushed to the backstage, in panic as she witnessed what happened to his son. Tony said, “my wife panicked and she ran into the back, his two sisters were huddled together hysterical and I think Dee (Connor’s girlfriend) was rooted to the spot crying as well. And this was all in the first round.”

In the history of the UFC, this MMA fight (UFC 189), was billed as, the most anticipated fight by everyone. This is also the most promoted battle. The world tour for the match happened earlier this year, that was last March. This was actually a full-scale promotion. Tony McGregor thinks that this full-scale promotional tour somehow contributed to the detriment of his son.

His exact words were, “he was so drained of emotions and so drained physically after this fight, so just as a family, we put our arms around him and said congratulations, this is an amazing achievement. We were all just shaking with joy.”

For the latest series of The Ultimate Fighter, Connor McGregor will return to work. Connor ‘The Notorious’ will guide the team and will be up against the leader of Team Alpha, Urijah Faber. It is the team from Europe, whom McGregor will coach. The battle between Team USA against Team Europe will air on September 9th. Of course, the UFC fighter’s fans won’t miss it, so don’t forget to witness this showdown.


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