November 4

Marcin Held criticised Will Brooks’ label before Bellator title fight


It looks like Marcin Held will not be engaging in an exchange of words with his contender, Will Brooks, before the upcoming Bellator 145 event this coming November 6th. The two mixed martial arts fighters will fight for the Bellator lightweight championship title.

Held, who has a record of 21-3 MMA and 10-2 BMMA, revealed that it’s not his style to throw shots at his competitor; he would rather choose to answer Brooks’ latest comments saying that he is “one-dimensional” and a “coward” when he goes inside the octagon at Scottrade Center in St. Louis. The fight between Marcin Held and Brooks will be aired on Spike TV as the main card.

As for Marcin Held’s response to Brooks’ shots, here’s what he had to say:

marcin held“I am a sportsman, not a showman; everything I want to tell him I will show him in the cage. I don’t know if he acts like this because he wants more attention or maybe Bellator says if he will say something crazy or stupid he will get more money. I don’t know. I don’t want to start like this. I think it’s better to have less money and be normal and be myself. If he wants to do things like this, I don’t care about it. As long as he don’t cross the line he can say whatever he wants and I don’t care.”

Just recently, Brooks raised some issues about Marcin Held’s fighting techniques after watching some footages of his fights. Brooks, who is the current MMA Bellator’s 155-pound champ, said that there’s nothing impressive about his opponent’s tactics like going down to the mat for leg locks or pulling guard for submissions.

Even though Brooks criticized those moves, it has been proven to do well for Marcin Held so far. In fact, those tactics resulted to an impressive 11 out 12 wins, eight of those were won by either knockout or submission.

Held, on the other hand, stated that he is seeing some lapses in Brooks’ game, possibly allowing him to have another victory by submission.

“I will have an advantage and I will be better on the ground. We will see if it’s enough to submit him. I hope I will be able to submit him and I will try for sure,” Held said.

Marcin Held has obviously chosen to take the high road and just brush off Brooks’ comments. This is quite impressive, considering that at just 23 years old, Held is already into a championship fight in a major MMA organization.

“I’ve been fighting and training a long time; I have 24 fights and it’s a lot of time. Maybe I’m young but I’ve been fighting a long time so I don’t feel young. It’s not super fast for me. It would be great for me to have the belt in this age, but if not I have a lot of time in the future,” Held said.

Held also revealed his goal of putting Polish MMA on the limelight by winning another belt for the country. He admitted, though, that it is not going to be an easy task.
“I want to bring the belt back to Poland. We don’t have a belt from Bellator yet, so hopefully that will be next. Brooks is a very good fighter. He’s tough. He’s a very good strikes. He’s good in every area of the fight, so it’s going to be a tough fight,” he said.


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