March 2

MMA coach Chris Holdworth keeps TAM comments to himself


Everybody has heard about the drama happening in the MMA group Team Alpha Male these past few months. In a nutshell, former TAM coach Duane Ludwig left the team and went on to form his own gym in Colorado. The UFC bantamweight champ Urijah Faber, on the other hand, decided to join Ludwig in his gym to train for his title loss to Dominick Cruz. A lot of people gave their 2 cents on the issue and their own predictions on what will happen to the rest of the TAM MMA fighters.

Chris Holdsworth, who has been with TAM MMA for a long time now, preferred to take the high road and kept his opinion to himself.

MMA Chris Holdsworth“There’s no drama for me, no drama for the team, Faber and TJ, whatever happened between them and whatever decision TJ made was probably best decision for him. You can’t knock someone for doing what’s best for them. I can see both sides of it. But I can’t hate on someone for doing what they think is best to them. More power to him, hopefully he has a successful rest of his career. I try not to get involved in the drama,” Holdsworth said.

Instead of including himself in the mess, Holdsworth said that he would rather focus all his energy into helping the gym move forward and deal with the more important things at hand.

“For the team to invest and believe in a system, you kind of have to believe in the coaches as well and it wasn’t just happening for [Ludwig and Kampmann]. Then with all those losses and stuff, it just kind of sparked the fire, we need to step up a little more, we need to make things happen. And why not take advantage of the resources we already have on this team? Why get outside coaches when we have it right here?,” he said.

By getting involved in the sport again, but this time as a coach, Holdsworth revealed that he has moved on with his own struggles as well. Being a MMA coach somehow gave him hope that he may get to fight inside the cage someday.

“I’m still taking some time and focusing on my recovery, there’s no rush to jump back in there. Believe me, I can still hop in there and hang with the best in the world. I’m still training every day, I still have the fire lit, but I have to be honest and be smart overall about my future,” Holdsworth said.


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